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Efficient monitoring and objective evaluation is the key ingredient to efficient resource allocation and efficient policy making. One very important dimension of effective corporate governance is “Accurate & Quick Data Operations” which is not possible without having maximum possible security and effective control over all the resources including physical assets and staff. Cutting edge Distributed technologies enable us to manage such problems. These technologies if used intelligently and effectively are good for most of the needs for Secure Data Operations, Data Manipulation, Reporting / Tracking under a controlled and assured Quality umbrella.
Pace Technologies is leading Consultant Company destined to provide high quality services in the field of Information Technology (IT). We have been providing IT solutions particularly in the area of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Systems, Management Information System (MIS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Business Intelligence (BI) and Mobile Application Development. We provide services of overall phases of household and facility surveys. We also provide field monitoring services as an independent (third-party) monitor and provide professional Trainings.

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Pace Technologies has highly qualified and experience professionals with multi-disciplinary skills those provide their best services to meet client’s