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WebGIS & Thematic Maps

Pace Technologies has extended working experience in designing, framework and implementation of M&E system. The company has enriched in Spatial Analysis (mapping) support for relief operation monitoring as well as reporting to supplement the effective coordination. Team members have been serving and working with different stake holders that include UN agencies, INGO/NGO and Govt. The Monitoring, Evaluation and Participatory system are taken through the ten steps to prepare integrated Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks:

  • Identification and analysis of stakeholders
  • Assessing Monitoring & Evaluation needs, conditions and capacities
  • Monitoring indicators
  • Monitoring & Evaluation matrix
  • Monitoring & Evaluation work plan and calendar
  • Monitoring & Evaluation budget
  • Data collection, validation and collation
  • Data analysis and use of the results
  • Reporting and Information dissemination

Our technical strength includes:

  • ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcView, ESRI,
  • GPS, Google Maps,
  • SVG, Google APIs
  • Online Dashboard for MDG Pakistan Status

    This project measure the performance of 16 targets and 41 indicators against which progress towards Eight Goals of the MDG’s are measured...

  • AlifAilaan District Education Rankings

    This project tracks the performance of every district in the Pakistan. The system of education rankings is based on two sets of indicators

  • Chief Minister's Special Initiative for Mother...

    MNCH CM-Initiative is a Maternal Neonate and Child Health (MNCH) Program started by Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan.

  • Online DHIS

    Online DHIS and M&E system is web-based, open-source and integrated GIS based management information system. It collects information...

  • Online EPI-MIS, KPK

    The EPI is the largest vertical programs of the health department in Pakistan. The system is providing the provision

  • Family Planning - Integrated Dashboard

    Family Planning - Integrated Dashboard is designed to integrate all the data regarding family planning and health

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